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“Simply the greatest DJ in Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland & the world.  Please keep us in mind for your upcoming events.  Here are things to keep in mind about our vibrations:  We actually started off with the burning passion for the music…  Yes, the music alone & nothing more.  We did not set out with ideas of making money or building a corporation with endless rules just so we can squeeze & milk you, our people.  We are true musicians, not business people.  Here is the authentic real McCoy & one of the very final of the legendary generation of true originals… Here is a DJ who did not come along with the hype of the Internet & the digital mambo jambo… Here is a DJ who goes way back to the bare knuckles era of the analog vinyl.  And when we arrive at the venue, we bring the art, the music, the history, the spirit & the love!  So, if music is where it’s at, you have the real live love DJ ART LOVE.  Love you & please do not forget to smile.  Thank you so much!  ;)”

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"Beautiful memories of your special day must last forever. Let the angels throughout the universe sing sweet words about your event. DJ ARTLOVE brings the magic!"

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